Never before has there been a more urgent time to embrace wellbeing. We are delighted to announce that we are offering most of our services online, direct to employees via an easy to use platform, bringing connection to isolation. Contact us for details.

Stay Safe and Be Well!

Here at Corporate Wellness we are dedicated to putting the spring back in your employee’s steps, breathing a renewed lease of life into your workplace and working our magic to create a workforce that is energetic, inspired, zealous, fervent, passionate, hip, determined, zingy, wholehearted, peppy, spirited, zestful, stimulated and focused…

Solutions are available individually or as part of a tailored package, as everything we do is specifically tailored to your needs. We cater for all businesses - small, medium and large and will work around your facilities, schedules and requirements. Our prices are extremely competitive, guaranteeing you the best profitable return on investment.

We are specialists in our fields, passionate about the work we do and are equipped with all the skills and knowledge essential to help your staff go from blasé to bubbling with enthusiasm.

Your employees are the infrastructure, your number one asset, the very framework that keeps your business operating. Look after them today and build a more productive, effervescent and contented future for tomorrow. Tap into your employees' vast reservoirs of creativity and get those endorphins flowing.

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Employer Benefits

· A more vibrant workforce
· Decreased absenteeism
· Increased morale
· Team strengthening
· Staff appreciation
· Enhanced customer service
· Increased loyalty
· Enhanced company profile
· Improved performance
· Attract the best employees
· Increased financial performance
· Employees are incentivized
· Retention of excellent staff
· Attract quality investors
· Increased sales
· Contributes in inspiring staff happiness
· Creates a robust future for the company
· Setting high standards for employees to follow
· Industry pioneer

Employee Benefits

· Physical and mental stress relief
· Improvement in problem solving abilities
· Enhanced creativity
· Increased camaraderie and team dynamics
· Job satisfaction, meaning and accomplishment
· Mental clarity
· Enhanced motivation
· Increased productivity
· Positive attitude
· More revitalised
· Dynamism
· Improved focus
· Increased enthusiasm and effectiveness
· Staff responsible for their own health
· Ability to create a life-work synergy
· Healthy corporate ambassadors
· Practical application of workplace ethics

Meet the Corporate Wellness Team!

Meet our Specialists


Corporate Wellness is Ireland’s premier provider for well-being services.  We are a one-stop-shop for all your corporate wellness needs and our intention is to positively impact the wellness of thousands of individuals and teams. Working with individuals, teams, and whole organisations, we offer everything from meditation and mindfulness, holistic therapies, to yoga and pilates, leadership wellness, optimal nutrition, mental health and stress management, personal self-care, and performance and life design.


Our mission is to deliver optimised wellbeing services by first deeply understanding the needs of our clients and then leveraging our full spectrum team of experts to deliver customer-centric, tailored programmes.  This includes offering more proactive development of well-being integration as well as remedial strategies like relief from stress, leading to increased strength and resilience.  By empowering individuals with the knowledge for self-care, our work will positively impact the lives of employees while enhancing business results.


Our work is based on key values that guide and inform us as a collective team.  At the heart of our work, individually and collectively, we most value fully understanding our clients’ needs as we focus on their inner balance and well being.  We do this in an open, non-judgemental and supportive way. We meet our clients where they are, with warmth, honesty and light heartedness.  Our team works collaboratively for the benefit of all involved, with a strong focus on personal development, integrity, ethics, authenticity and transparency.  Our work together - and with our clients - is delivered in a collaborative way, valuing all voices and points of view.

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