Corporate Wellness Ireland offers a variety of bespoke well-being services and packages on and off-site. Our services boost well-being and develop practical and invaluable life skills that improve posture, reduce stress, release tension, condition muscles, prevent injury, enhance confidence, improve social relationships, nourish mind, body and soul and lessen work based dis-ease.


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Yoga & Pilates

Particularly great as a lunchtime session, yoga eliminates the post lunch energy drop, enhancing elasticity, aligning muscles and bones to create an improved posture, sculpt and tone the body’s natural contours whilst unearthing inner peace. With chair yoga, you learn how to use a chair as an invaluable tool to unlock the health benefits of yoga without the mat with gentle movements to help release tension, reduce stress and take a break from the norm to refresh body and mind, increasing focus and motivation. With practical skills to use during the work day to decrease physical and mental stress.

Corporate-Wellness-Ireland-EmmaMeet Our Expert: Emma Emma has been a yoga teacher with Corporate Wellness Ireland since 2015. She is no stranger to the Corporate world after working over 20 years in technology. Practicing yoga for many years, movement in yoga is her true calling in life. She has dedicated her life understanding how we hold our bodies and how those niggling twinges are formed. With small, simple adjustments she can make you feel a big difference with your body. Emma has worked with employees in the following companies: Leaseplan, Salesforce, Munich Re Automation Services, 3M Ireland, Fidelity Investments, Club Travel. Emma has a wealth of experience in helping with anxiety, sharing breathing techniques, visualisations and meditations. Emma has a non-judgemental approach to all her clients. She is always eager to learn.


Nutrition is a key requirement for the body to achieve balance and wellbeing. With correct nutrients a person can easily achieve and maintain ideal body composition, boost the immune system to protect against modern stressors in the work place that can lead to under performance, sick days and unhappiness. For the brain to focus it needs certain neurotransmitters functioning in harmony. Simple nutritional strategies can boost brain health to help achieve more clarity and a sense of peace towards everyday tasks. Each individual requires different nutrients and this is easily achieved with professional guidance delivered with care, respect and compassion.

Corporate-Wellness-Ireland-DamienMeet Our Expert: Damien Damien’s vision is to help people to understand the true meaning of the word health and how to keep it in balance on all levels. As a Health Coach and Entrepreneur, Damien runs seminars all over the world to individuals, businesses and communities, covering all areas of health and wellness to help people identify, understand and transcend any negative blockages with simple life changing tools that will ultimately lead to empowerment and success in all areas of life. The desired result is always a healthier, happier and more positive environment. Damien’s past life was in the corporate world. From his experience in the corporate sector he fully understands the needs and requirements for companies to reach full potential through incorporating simple strategies to gain maximum performance from employees. These strategies will leave a huge impact on health, productivity and profitability of the company and also a gift employees can give to their families. Damien has worked with multinational corporations Coca-Cola, BNY Mellon, Colas and others with huge success.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Giving each individual the opportunity to connect with their inner sense of presence and stillness, we have the opportunity to strengthen our core ability to connect with others and deal with whatever issues may arise more smoothly, with tools and techniques for how to bring the practice into your everyday lives easily. With practice, meditation and mindfulness has the ability to help us really focus on a task at hand with full awareness and clarity.

Corporate-Wellness-Ireland-TreacyMeet Our Expert: Treacy As Team lead on Meditation, Mindfulness & Team Building with Corporate Wellness, Treacy is passionate about building bridges between our different realms of existence - professional and personal, reminding us of our humanness, improving our ability to connect with ourselves internally, so we can reach our full potential, and externally, with each other so we can achieve more productive, sustainable and inspiring collaborations. Ordained as a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister, she combines hands on experience in sales, marketing, management and communications on many levels, combined with her passion for self development and sustainable relationships, bringing her experience of 20 years studying and practising mindfulness, focussed thinking, facilitation, and many forms of spirituality to Corporate Wellness Ireland clients in the relationship management, personal development and team building workshops. Treacy is a Trustee on the Board of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation UK. She was a key player in the European HQ of the world’s top advertising agency, based in Paris and London over the course of 9 years. She was instrumental in sharing best practice across cultural divides, multiple communication disciplines and management levels, bringing collaboration to a world of high competition. Professionally trained in consultative selling, negotiation, presentation skills, strategic planning, business partnership, she was the driving force behind many global team building initiatives.


We generally work on the following areas; the whole back, neck and shoulders; helping to improve the posture and release tightness from sitting at the desk. The arms and hands; soothing muscles and joints from typing and repetitive movements with the mouse. We can also include the scalp and face if you feel that you will benefit; these areas can be deeply relaxing but also help to ease headaches and pain around the jaw from clenching and grinding the teeth. Each individual treatment can be tailored to suit each person’s needs on the day.

Corporate-Wellness-Ireland-AdrienneMeet Our Expert: Adrienne A skilled and intuitive holistic therapist with 7 years experience, 5 of which are dedicated to corporate massage, Adrienne is passionate about empowering employees and giving them back responsibility for their own health through concise massage techniques to identify areas of stress and tension, education of posture and advice on stretching and strengthening. Having worked with many well established companies such as Barclays Bank, Savills and Zendesk, Adrienne has experienced the benefits of corporate wellness first hand. Adrienne fully understands the impact that happy and healthy employees can have on a company as well as the broader community and is enthusiastic to share her knowledge with companies all around Ireland helping to drive a new era of support, engagement and recognition into the 21st Century.

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Mental Health, Counselling & Stress Management

At times, everyone can experience stressful and painful situations. Work pressures, financial worries and unresolved personal issues can all impact on the way we feel about ourselves and the way we perceive the world around us. Sometimes our feelings and thoughts can be overwhelming causing us to feel fearful and lonely but you are not alone, we are here to support you. Talking to our counsellor and psychotherapist can help to lighten the load. We can teach you invaluable life skills to help you navigate through difficult times making life at work and home more manageable.

Stress Management Defining what stress is and how it affects our bodies and minds. Then, helping people to gain an insight into their own stress triggers and responses, and how to separate useful stress from damaging stress. By working with concepts around stress and understanding how to channel stress, to interrupt the autonomic stress responses, and to manage our own perception of stress, we can handle stressful events and environments. We’ll also explore underlying generalised anxiety and practical ways to minimise the occurrence and impact of stress and anxiety in everyday life.

Corporate-Wellness-Ireland-KeaneMeet Our Expert: Keane Keane Harley is a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychotherapeutic Counselling to help people solve issues in their lives. He also has a Nutritional Therapy qualification, knowing that a healthy brain is dependent on a healthy diet and digestive system. Keane works with pre and post-operative healing, and a host of other cognitive concerns, including: Altering unhealthy thinking patterns and compulsions, Developing self-esteem and inner confidence Quitting smoking, Sugar addiction, Eating disorders, and Sleep disorders. Fears and phobias, Fear of flying, and Public speaking skills, Managing stress and anxiety, Prioritising actions and goals, Relationship counselling, and many other everyday issues.

He has a wealth of professional experience and knowledge, and clients can expect an empathic, intelligent approach to their challenges. Keane has a practice in The Clinic Glenageary primary care medical centre. He frequently writes and broadcasts on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnosis, and Mental Wellbeing. As the Counselling lead of Corporate Wellness Ireland, he also gives Positive Psychology presentations and workshops to schools, colleges, corporate organizations, and groups, on Motivation and Willpower, Food and Mood, Stress Management, and Mental Health Resilience.

Corporate Pampering

The importance of image, and how we carry and present ourselves can be a huge contributor to how we feel about ourselves. Our personal self-image impacts our confidence. Even at times when we are not feeling our best, we can over-ride the self-doubt by helping ourselves to look well.

Corporate-Wellness-Ireland-KarenMeet Our Expert: Karen. The founder of the award-winning beauty service At Home Pampering. Karen has a longstanding background as a cosmetics executive, but wanted to extend her services beyond supplying beauty products.  Karen identified a huge gap in the market for bringing self care treatments directly to clients at their convenience and so in 2009 At Home Pampering was born.

Karen is a qualified beauty therapist across multiple disciplines and is also certified in nutrition and feng shui. She has a genuine passion for creating a better version of oneself and ones surroundings and believes that self-improvement and beauty is definitely more than just skin deep. Karen has created a business that brings the look good / feel good industry straight to you and divides her time between personal and corporate clients as well as nursing home/hospital visits.  She delivers weekly workshops on beauty, skin care and self-improvement and continues to grow her skill set to meet the ever-changing demands in the market.

She is passionate about skin care, beauty and wellbeing and that passion is what empowers her to help people feel good about themselves. Karen has worked with a multiplicity of companies such as Bank of Ireland, Vichy,, workday and private hospitals. Karen believes that when you are happy then productivity follows!

Additional Wellness Therapies

Taking the stress out of the body by using simple techniques to move the body out of sedentary habits. These talks guide each employee to help relieve repetitive strain in the wrists, neck and head realignment reducing lower back issues and core strengthening.
Sitting for long periods of time cause hips problems, we give practical tips, with engagement from attendees through fun and curiosity about how we move and prevent pain.

Fitness is a tool that can be used to create healthy physical habits that will leave a huge positive impact on every other area of people’s lives. Simple 15-30 minute sessions can increase metabolism that will help achieve an ideal body weight, reduce heart disease, strengthen the immune system, normalise blood sugar levels, minimise the risk of diabetes, reduce stress and increase energy levels and mental sharpness. Fitness programs can boost self- confidence, happiness and add years to life. It is a key to a youthful, happy and positive lifestyle.

Healthy Sleep
Mental or emotional stress is often overlooked when it comes to sleep problems and stress is a key factor in sleeplessness. This session will show you how to enhance your wellness and sleep by guiding you through scientifically validated techniques from HeartMath that will help reduce stress and reset your response to stress, allowing for better sleep and healthy life improvements.

Employer Benefits

· A more vibrant workforce
· Decreased absenteeism
· Increased morale
· Team strengthening
· Staff appreciation
· Enhanced customer service
· Increased loyalty
· Enhanced company profile
· Improved performance
· Attract the best employees
· Increased financial performance
· Employees are incentivized
· Retention of excellent staff
· Attract quality investors
· Increased sales
· Contributes in inspiring staff happiness
· Creates a robust future for the company
· Setting high standards for employees to follow
· Industry pioneer

Employee Benefits

· Physical and mental stress relief
· Improvement in problem solving abilities
· Enhanced creativity
· Increased camaraderie and team dynamics
· Job satisfaction, meaning and accomplishment
· Mental clarity
· Enhanced motivation
· Increased productivity
· Positive attitude
· More revitalised
· Dynamism
· Improved focus
· Increased enthusiasm and effectiveness
· Staff responsible for their own health
· Ability to create a life-work synergy
· Healthy corporate ambassadors
· Practical application of workplace ethics

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