Meet Our Expert: James, Creator of the MAP model for personal wellbeing and performance, James is the founder of The Wellbeing Gym. The Wellbeing Gym provides online and offline life design, wellbeing, performance and productivity training programmes to individuals and businesses. An Irish and Australian citizen, James blends over 20 years of international experience in the software and banking industries, managing large delivery teams in high pressure environments. As an experienced agile, design thinking, experimentation and innovation consultant, facilitator and life design coach, James has worked with Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, AIB, Ulster Bank, the Irish Times, Thrive Global and other companies worldwide. In his approach to leadership, James focusses the individual to adopt an integrated holistic view before taking pragmatic steps to personal change to enable higher performance.


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Personal Development

Throughout our career there can be times when we find certain things difficult. Workplace frustrations such as missing out on a promotion or losing a big account can be hard to accept. Making deadlines or delegating some of the load can be stressful and awkward. Working with different personalities can prove rewarding but also challenging. By recognising our own limitations and taking time to upskill we can learn to; adapt to workplace disappointments, effectively manage our time, become more assertive and appreciate the diversity of our colleague’s personalities. Through continuous learning and development we can meet our full potential and be an inspiration for those around us.

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Resilience is about staying power and pacing ourselves. To improve it we need to get a baseline measure of our resilience and explore different methods and approaches which will allow us to pace ourselves better. Resilience is not about constant high level performance, it’s about resource management and appropriate timing to allow for recovery and downtime. This workshop will address both cognitive and subconscious targeted practices to help participants understand and improve their resilience.

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Energy Management

Pragmatic and practical ways to manage your time and energy in order to achieve flow and higher performance, using concepts from positive psychology and neuroscience to help you understand your own energy rhythms, how to align with them and design your day to optimise your performance.

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In this interactive session participants leave the room with a tangible practical artefact that they can use, embedding the knowledge. The session covers self understanding, being more effective every day, defining your vision and values with goal setting, managing your workload, the art of prioritisation and the 4 pillars of productivity.

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So often we have the skillset or the knowledge to perform effectively, but making it happen can be a struggle. There is a plethora of reasons for this, from external distractions, to lack of appetite for the task, or lack of belief in the process or the outcome. Motivation is about re-framing perception of the attractiveness of the task, and negotiating between our conscious desire and our subconscious saboteur. Also, this programme looks at focusing on future benefits, and exercising will power wisely.

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Team Building

We focus employees on their own core strengths and by taking them out of their everyday perception of what each staff member does, we develop deeper listening techniques. Most people are only focused on their own tasks, but when the horizon is expanded to a wider perception of other team members and the whole picture, we can re-engage with a different understanding of a common goal. Increased collaboration across company divisions also increases productivity.

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