“Misery may love company, but it is the companies that love misery that suffer the most. Truly human leadership protects an organization from the internal rivalries that can shatter a culture. When we have to manage dangers from inside the organization, the organization itself becomes less able to face the dangers from outside. But when trust and cooperation thrive internally, we pull together and the organization grows stronger. Be the leader you wish you had.” Simon Sinek, visionary thinker of “Start with Why”

We are totally on Simon’s page when it comes to collaboration and cooperation. We believe it starts from within and as such this is not only what we bring to our clients but how we model our own organisation.

The “why” behind the creation of Corporate Wellness Ireland is quite simple: everyday witnessing the release of stress in the workplace through straight forward 10 minute massages was quite a profound one for founder and holistic therapist, Adrienne Smith. Witnessing her clients in the workplace coming back to themselves in a short space of time, spurred her to connect with other like minded therapists to offer a whole range of wellness services.

And where we are today, less than a year from inception, is a thriving, passionate team of co-workers, each experts in our fields, driven by the desire to empower everyone in the workplace to better deal with the rising levels of stress.

Aside from the many services we offer, one thing that seems to ring true in many of the companies we work with is the recognition of a shift in how we communicate with each other. It is quite obvious to us that there is an underlying desire to move from competition to collaboration, as is underlined by Simon Sinek, quoted above – A deep rooted desire for a different way of working together.

And what better way to put a new way of working together to the test, than to model it. As Adrienne started and attracted more therapists with a similar vision, we have now formed a really solid collaboration between individuals, each with a say, each with connections and each with the self employed foresight and determination to succeed. It is a hugely rewarding and empowering experience to find true team work and true leadership – we all lead and support at the same time. We thrive on fully open communication and trust.

We are truly excited to bring our expertise and knowledge of relationship building to the companies we work with so that colleagues can enjoy better workplace collaboration, higher levels of productivity, reduced stress and improved customer relations, in turn leading to more sustainable and authentic partnerships.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can work with you, we would love to hear from you!



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