Activity Matrix and How Time Becomes a Scarce Resource

Have you ever wondered where the time has gone? Or have you ever asked the question: how many hours in the week? Have you ever analyzed how your week is broken into component parts, hour by hour?

Well here at Corporate Wellness, we have come up with a novel way to answer all of the above and track how your valuable time is spent.

The Activity Matrix [2016 © Copyright Corporate Wellness. All Rights Reserved] is the perfect way to look at how the 168 hours every week is spent.

And if you want to get really mathematical – that’s 672 hours on average per month.

The Activity Matrix classifies activities as “necessary” and “optional”.

Every one of us has to work, eat, sleep and hopefully socialize and keep fit with an exercise regimen. Too few of us make the time to ensure that we implement a work-life balance and that takes discipline: the discipline to meditate, do yoga or Pilates, watch what we eat (nutrition plan), get a massage, maintain our body weight, get a manicure or engage in regular mindfulness.

By being aware of how we spend our time, we are better able to monitor habits and patterns, identifying bad ones and eliminating them while enhancing good ones. Too often we have no time to contemplate our chosen lifestyles, allowing negative patterns to take hold impeding change and ushering in disease, diametrically opposed to wellness.

At Corporate Wellness, we aim to assist our clients in achieving holistic wellness by ensuring they understand the choices they make and the time taken to execute those choices. Imagine spending ten hours a week watching TV when you could apply some of that time on nutrition? Maybe you spend too much time in front of an electronic screen during the work day when you could have one of our holistic therapists give you a 20 minute treatment as part of our corporate wellness package.

No matter what way you look at it – time is a scarce resource and we cannot make MORE of it. But what we CAN do is become wiser in how we USE it!

Allow us to assist you in applying the Activity Matrix to your week and you might be amazed at the transformations that will ensue.

Companies can contact us if they would like to receive the Activity Matrix.

Guest Blogger Author A.P. O’Malley, January 2016


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