In our work environment, our desks must comply with the correct height, the screen should be eye level, feet flat on the floor and elbow at a 90° degrees.

That’s is all fine in the office, but what happens when we leave the office to head home?

On the bus, train, DART and Luas, how we hold ourselves is amazing to see but then you should ask the question “Why am I in so much pain?”

This photo is an example of what we do when looking at our phones or tablet while on public transport or waiting on it.

See how this guy is holding his head forward? Think about this; Your head weighs about 14 Lbs (6.3kg). Our sinuses make our head feel weightless but our body feels the full force of that weight when looking down.

Why is your neck and back sore? Perhaps you are unconsciously doing this every day?

Try doing these simple moves to get some relief:

Part 1

  1. Sit tall, comfortably and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Tuck your chin in towards your neck.
  3. On your next exhale drop your head downwards. Feel the muscles at the back of the neck and top of the shoulder blades, lift to support your neck.
  4. Inhale, lift the chin towards the ceiling without collapsing the head into the shoulders. Feel the muscles at the back of the neck shorten and the muscles at the front lengthen.
  5. Return to neutral.



Part 2

  1. Inhale and as you exhale, turn your head to the right. Notice if the right ear is dipping to the shoulder.
  2. Try your best to keep the ears level. Feel the muscles shorten on the right side of the neck.
  3. Keep looking right, inhale and lift your left shoulder.
  4. Lift your chin upwards so your head falls towards your raised shoulder. Feel the muscles on the right lengthen and shorten on the left.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 on the left side.


These very easy moves help your body realign your head to stack above your shoulders. These Somatic Movements are practised slowly and deliberately. As a result, reduced neck pain, less pressure in the lower back. These can practised anywhere and at any time.

Enjoy the feeling and rejoice in freedom from pain.


Emma O’Toole

Corporate Yoga Teacher | Corporate Wellness Co-Founder | Somatic Movement Coach | Pregnancy Yoga Teacher


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