Is role play dead?

The usual groan went round the room when I mentioned the words ROLE PLAY…” I hate role play!”

When delivering many professional development courses focused on enhancing key skills, it is difficult to apply learning without practising those skills: people return to their workplaces and all the good intentions get lost.

Thankfully, we in Corporate Wellness can use team building activities to achieve many of these same desired outcomes. People have fun, feel comfortable and secure, and yet can practise these skills, going away feeling empowered; relationships have grown; trust has been restored. The great thing about using team building activities to achieve these outcomes is that the people with whom we spend most of our working day acquire the same knowledge and desire to implement better ways of engaging, managing conflict and communicating in a more clear and direct way.

We’ve seen work teams leaving a session, chatting, laughing and positivity bouncing out of the room.

“A great day’s work!

Elsie, Personal & Professional Development Facilitator.  7th November 2016


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