Throughout our career there can be times when we find certain things difficult. Workplace frustrations such as missing out on a promotion or losing a big account can be hard to accept. Making deadlines or delegating some of the load can be stressful and awkward. Working with different personalities can prove rewarding but also challenging. By recognising our own limitations and taking time to upskill we can learn to; adapt to workplace disappointments, effectively manage our time, become more assertive and appreciate the diversity of our colleague’s personalities. Through continuous learning and development we can meet our full potential and be an inspiration for those around us.

Our Personal and Professional Development Service offers a wide variety of workshops including;

  • Developing Resilience at Work

  • Team Building

  • Developing Personal Effectiveness at Work

Scroll down for further information about this service, our wonderful facilitators and some FAQs.

Developing resilience at work


Do you and your people have the ‘bounceability’ factor?  It's important for us all to develop a set of resilience skills. Resilient people demonstrate great flexibility, high energy, mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level. They have strong relationships and support networks that help them to amplify their productivity and results. No longer seen as something you are just ‘born with’, the ability to improve one’s emotional adaptability is now recognised as a skill which can be learned by all.

 Corporate benefits of this workshop

This workshop offers your employees the opportunity to gain greater understanding of stress management and versatility.  Whilst learning practical techniques to develop personal and professional resilience, including building self-confidence and acknowledging how our thoughts and feelings affect our behaviour.  All participants will leave having identified their own personal toolkit.

Team Building


CFO asked his CEO; “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?”

CEO replies; “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

Team building activities can energise employees, improve working relationships and focus. We deliver inspiring team building activities and games which most importantly are fun for all.  A team building programme can be designed and facilitated either as:

  • A stand-alone, fun event to foster and further develop team dynamics and spirit.
  • A combined training/team building event based on achieving particular training objectives for the team itself.

We would be happy to facilitate either approach in collaboration with your company, based on what you wish to achieve.  Workshops can be presented either on-site or off-site.

Corporate benefits of this workshop

There is no I in team but there is a T for team spirit, E for empathy, A for assertiveness and M for mutual accomplishment.  Our specialised interactive workshops will help to enhance communication, build trust and encourage collaboration, resilience and confidence.  Your staff will flourish and be empowered to achieve their full potential.

Developing Personal Effectiveness at Work


Personally effective people are more than just people who get what they want.  They make use of all the personal resources at their disposal; skills, energy and time to enable them to achieve both work and life goals.  We’ll tailor this session to suit your team’s specific requirements. Perhaps you want the focus on managing time better?  Increase self –awareness?  Or improve assertive behaviours? Tell us what you need and we’ll put together an engaging and enabling programme that will help to get the best from your employees.

Corporate benefits of this workshop

How you manage yourself impacts directly on your personal effectiveness and that of your colleagues. Being self-aware, making the most of your strengths, learning new skills and techniques and developing behavioural flexibility are all key to improving your personal performance and the performance of your team as a whole.  We will teach your employees practical techniques to enhance personal effectiveness in an increasingly demanding world.

Meet our phenomenal Personal and Professional Development Facilitators

Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Mary Jane is an artist and a businesswoman with forty years’ experience as a self-employed entrepreneur. She worked in the corporate world as the Proprietor of Residential Appraisal Services in Southern California for fifteen years before retiring from that career and moving to Ireland in the year 2000 to pursue her desire to work as a full-time artist. Mary Jane brings a deep commitment to lifelong learning to this work along with a keen curiosity about the relationship of consciousness and the natural world that has led her to develop an unusual balance between intellectual pursuits, analytical skills and engagement with creative processes through forging sculpture as a blacksmith, organic food production, cooking, beekeeping and writing. Offering the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Conscious Ageing Programme is an expression of her wish to support others to engage deeply with those elements that will bring substance, satisfaction and balance to their lives, realigning the unique expressions that are possible for each of us. Mary Jane became an Authorized Facilitator of the IONS Conscious Aging Programme in 2015. The programme serves people who recognize that growth, satisfaction and the ability to contribute to and engage with our communities as we mature are the result of conscious decisions and preparation. It offers meaning-making through conversations and activities on topics such as building a legacy, conducting a life review, building forgiveness to heal old wounds that may be holding us back, and building skills for self compassion, all of which contribute to our ability to generate a fresh perspective on the future and thereby create a new vision of our lives in which we’re able to devote more of ourselves to the ideals and people that matter most to us.


Ben is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. He began his career 8 years ago, training in psychology, where he was awarded an honours degree. He went on to do a 4 year post graduate professional training in counselling and psychotherapy in The Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre. Ben has trained in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapy acknowledges the validity of a variety of therapeutic approaches to the individual. It seeks to integrate the use of two or more approaches in the practice of psychotherapy. Ben is qualified to help you with the following issues; • Anxiety • Addiction • Anger • Depression • Personal development • Panic attacks • Unresolved childhood issues • Eating Disorders • Grief/Loss • Sexual Abuse • Trauma, PTSD • Suicide • Stress • Self Esteem issues • Psycho- Sexual problems • LGBT Issues • Relationship difficulties


Treacy was a key player in the European HQ of the world's top advertising agency, based in Paris and London over the course of 9 years. She was instrumental in sharing best practice across cultural divides, multiple communication disciplines and management levels. She brought harmony and collaboration in a world of high competition. Professionally trained in consultative selling, negotiation, presentation skills, strategic planning & business partnership, she was the driving force behind many global team building initiatives. On return to Ireland, Treacy deepened her experience in communications, working directly with clients as Account Director with a top Irish communications agency before immersing herself in her own self development and subsequent qualification in counselling, psychology & therapy with the Counselling Association of Ireland. She then danced between the corporate and alternative worlds for a number of years, working in corporate sales and business development whilst qualifying as a reiki master, obtaining a diploma in self-empowerment & focused thinking and qualifying with the Association of Meridian Therapies (UK) as a master practitioner of emotional freedom technique (EFT). She holds a certificate of professional excellence in the facilitation and holding of women's circles and is currently training as an Interfaith Minister (Ordination July 2017). Treacy started her own communications business in 2005, which focused on building trade between Ireland and India and bringing new organisational methods to Irish business, encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility. This evolved into the personal and organisational development practice she runs today - Straight to the Point, where she facilitates the reconnection of self and teaches relationship management skills, teaches meditation, practises spiritual counselling, healing and holds ceremonies of all Rites of Passage. Treacy is passionate about building bridges between our different realms of existence - professional and personal, reminding us of our humanity, improving our ability to connect with ourselves internally, so we can reach our full potential, and externally, with each other so we can achieve more productive, harmonious and inspiring collaborations. She thrives on authenticity and intuitive guidance.

Personal and Professional Development FAQs

Yes, all our personal & professional facilitators are fully qualified, insured and experienced.

We will take a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 people per workshop.  We require a medium sized office with enough room and chairs to seat the number of people that will attend the class.  If you are unsure, our facilitator can visit your workplace and help you choose a suitable location.

Everyone is welcome.

You can bring a pen and some paper if you want to make notes but otherwise you do not require anything.

We understand, some people can find this very difficult.  We do want to include all employees in our workshops but we don’t want to embarrass anyone or make you feel in any way awkward.  We recommend that you take part in what you feel comfortable with.

We are available to come to you 7 days a week.  We cater for all shifts, including day and night shifts

Simply contact us via the website and we will respond to you and get you started.

Payment is typically on a monthly basis.  We can discuss this with you when you have decided exactly what you need.

Yes, staff can contribute to the payment of the chosen services.  We can make some recommendations for you with regard to this.

Please read our cancellation policy for more information.

Cancellation policy

We require one full month’s notice in the event of a cancellation, e.g. if we are due into you on 17th June at 9am we will need to be notified before 17th May at 9am.  If we are informed a full one month before, no cancellation fee will occur.  Failure to do so will result in the following cancellation fee;
Less than one month to 3 weeks previous = 25% of agreed fee
Less than 3 weeks to 2 weeks previous = 50% of agreed fee
Less than 2 weeks to 1 week previous = 75% of agreed fee
Less than 1 week to due date = 100% of agreed fee
If you have booked the service within the month, please try to notify us as soon as possible if you intend to cancel.  Failure to do so will also incur a cancellation fee.  This can be discussed when you contact us.
If you want to cancel a service but move it to a different date then please contact us as soon as possible so we can make sure the new date and required therapist, facilitator or instructor is available.