The knee bones connected to the something…

Who remembers Dem Bones?  Let me tweak your memory.

“The knee bones connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bones connected to the hip bone”

This catchy tune is taught to children worldwide to connect them with their bodies in a really fun way.

But as adults, have we become completely disconnected from our bodies?

Tension in the body is usually a symptom of physical, mental and emotional stress.

Most clients I work with acknowledge physical stress and generally attribute tightness, loss of mobility and pain to sitting at the desk, poor posture and workouts at the gym.

But do they fully understand the effect that their work environment is having on them?

And do they take any responsibility for it?

I always tell my clients that awareness is the first step.

Understanding the way they are holding themselves; legs crossed or tucked under them; the position of their screen or in some cases, screens; the height of their desk and chair or the location of their mouse and phone.

All this is set in stone, right?


If something isn’t working for you and causing you physical discomfort, take one simple step – CHANGE IT.

Adrienne, Holistic Therapist, Corporate Wellness Ireland, 2017


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