The benefits of introducing well-being into the workplace

Aww, that Monday morning feeling!

But is work actually that stressful?  Or are we conditioned to loathe the first morning back after the carefree meandering attitude of the weekend?  After all, we love bank holiday Mondays!!

I don’t have the answers but here at Corporate Wellness, we have some wonderful practical and fun solutions.

Imagine, if you can, heading to work knowing that you will enjoy a revitalizing yoga class, a stimulating back, neck and shoulder massage or a soothing mindfulness session.  Or maybe a nutritional seminar, nail file, lunchtime Pilates class or one of our many educational workshops would be more to your liking?

It might just make those Monday morning blues slip away…

All of our extensive services and tailored packages are designed with the health and happiness of you and your staff in mind and the benefits of introducing our services are simply inspiring.

Employers:  We can help you to decrease your staff absenteeism whilst increasing morale; strengthen your team’s communication and camaraderie.

Sound good?

What about having a more vibrant workforce?  Or enhanced customer service and increased sales?  Imagine holding on to your experienced staff whilst attracting the best in the field.  Want to be considered a pioneer in your industry and improve your company profile?  Increase your financial performance but at the same time inspire staff happiness?  Jackpot!!

Employees:  How would it feel to have increased focus and motivation? To have the opportunity to relieve stress and tension?  Imagine having improved problem-solving abilities, creativity, clarity and the chance to reach your full potential?

That’s not all…

Increased productivity with enhanced enthusiasm; real job satisfaction whilst creating a life-work balance and a chance to take responsibility for your own health and happiness.  What could be better?

As Sir Richard Branson said:

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Need I say more?


Corporate Wellness Ireland



  1. Excellent piece on the benefits of enhanced well being in the workplace. Having a motivated, healthy, enthusiastic and focussed work force yields long term loyalty and sustained profitability – a win win outcome.

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